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           Clean room automation technology and equipment is one of the new rising industries of SIASUN. The clean room automation products include clean room robot, vacuum robot manipulator, automatic alignment equipment, automatic lifting device, SMIF£¨FOUP£©interface equipment, clean room coating robot, clean room handling robot, clean room AGV, RGVS and clean room logistics automation transportation equipment, etc. The main application fields are IC equipment, FPD, electronics, biology pharmacy, food and so on. Complete robot technique solution and turnkey engineering can be provided to customers. SIASUN has developed the first clean room robot and vacuum robot products which have self-owned intellectual property rights and key technology. Its technological skills are leading in national industry and have reached international advanced level. They have taken the first step with the IC equipment robot development and are entering clean room industry step by step. The clean room coating robot production line and ultra thin glass robot palletizing production line applied in the fields of electronics and FPD industry have already been used in real production.   
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